A Woman Fatally Stabs a Convicted S*xual Offender Who Attempts to Attack Her

A twice-convicted s*x offender was stabbed to death at a Louisiana laundry by a woman he was allegedly attempting to abuse, according to authorities.

The incident occurred at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 3, after deputies responded to a 911 call from a laundry in the Lacombe neighborhood.

According to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, Nicholas Tranchant, 40, was discovered unresponsive with an apparent stab wound and transported to a nearby hospital, where he died.

Deputies added that an investigation into the incident revealed that Tranchant, a convicted s*x offender, entered the laundromat armed with a sharp knife and attempted to s*xually assault the woman when she resisted.

A Woman Fatally Stabs a Convicted Sxual Offender Who Attempts to Attack Her

According to deputies, the woman gained custody of the weapon and used it to stab him before fleeing to safety, claiming self-defense.

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According to deputies, the woman was injured during the altercation and was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

“I want to compliment this brave woman on the courage and strength she showed in fighting back against her attacker and ask for prayers for her continued recovery,” the sheriff’s office stated in a statement.

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The sheriff’s office confirmed Tranchant’s conviction for Indecent Behavior with Juveniles in July 2003. In May 2008, he was convicted again of attempted aggravated rape and aggravated burglary.

According to officials, Tranchant was freed from jail on those charges on December 21, 2023, and was ordered to register as a s*x offender.

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