9 Days Left for New Jersey Residents: Claim Your Homeowner’s Rebate!

Hey, New Jersey folks! You’ve got a little over a week left to grab a homeowner’s rebate averaging $971.

It’s all thanks to the ANCHOR program, which is there to help out with property taxes and rent for New Jersey residents who live in the state as their main home.

Stimulus check update: residents of this state have days to file for rebate:

Deadline Alert: Apply by December 29

Time’s ticking! If you want in on this round of rebates, make sure to apply by December 29.

But don’t worry if you miss the date, payments will roll out afterward.

Expect your cash about 90 days after applying, and remember, all applications can be done online.

ANCHOR’s Reach: 2 Million Taxpayers Invited

This program’s open to about 2 million taxpayers, and the checks have already started flowing. Over 1.6 million residents have already cashed in on their ANCHOR rebates, scoring checks up to $1,750.

Who Gets What? Income & Age Matter

Age and income play a role here! If you’re 65 or older and your income is up to $150,000, you might bag $1,750.

Even if you’re under 65, you could still score up to $1,500 if your income fits the bill. Renters can also get some relief, with potential checks up to $700 for seniors and $450 for others.

Take a look at these news—it’s really worth knowing

State Rebate Scene: Check Your State’s Perks

It’s not just New Jersey, other states might have goodies too! After the federal stimulus ended, many states are giving residents tax benefits and rebates.

Each state has its own rules, usually based on income and tax status, so don’t miss out—check what’s on offer in your state.

New Jersey’s Rebate: A Different Approach

New Jersey’s offering stands out! Unlike states with a surplus, New Jersey’s facing a big deficit, yet they’re still giving out this aid. It’s a move that’ll help a lot of folks, but it’s also a tough call for the state’s finances.

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