82-Year-Old Elderly Man Life Claimed In Suspected Robbery At Home!

Early on Sunday morning, an 82-year-old man was slain at his house in what was thought to be a robbery. Eustas Ricketts, a farmer from First Street in Top Halse Hall, Clarendon, has been identified as the deceased.

According to reports, Ricketts went back to his room at midnight after spending the night with his nine family members in a three-bedroom concrete building.

Family members claim to have heard him yelling “thief” at three in the morning. When his granddaughter and her boyfriend arrived to help, they saw that the perpetrator(s) had broken in and cut him all over.

After the family called the police, they found Ricketts’s lifeless body lying on its back with part of its head under the bed and what seemed to be many chop wounds. He was wearing dark-colored underwear and a white merino.

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After being taken from the scene and brought to the May Pen Hospital, the body was determined to be deceased. After that, it was moved to the morgue so that a post-mortem could be performed.

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