18-Year-Old Lakeside High School Student Identified as Victim in Fatal Crash

A student was killed in a crash, and the Lakeside High School community is in grief.

DeKalb County Schools confirmed that one of three Lakeside students died in an early Saturday morning crash.

According to DeKalb police, the crash occurred at midnight on Oak Grove Road near Kirkland Drive.

The DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the person who passed away as Sophie Lekiachvili, age 18, a native of Doraville.

Berndt Petersen of Channel 2 was at the scene of the crash on Tuesday, where there was a growing tribute of flowers for Lekiachvili. A couple of classmates who had known Lekiachvili for years sat quietly at the ceremony.

18-Year-Old Lakeside High School Student Identified as Victim in Fatal Crash (1)

Friends Petersen spoke with stated Lekiachvili was one of the nicest persons they’d ever met. They stated that she planned to attend Auburn University in the fall.

The district reports that the other two students are stable. They have not been identified. It is unclear who was driving the car or whether they are facing charges.

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In a letter to parents, Lakeside Principal Susan Stoddard stated that children will have access to grief therapy from school counselors, psychologists, and other professionals.

“Everyone reacts to death differently. As a family, we encourage you to talk with your child about this incident to help them share their thoughts and reactions,” Stoddard wrote.

“Our deepest sympathies remain with the loved ones of the students affected during this challenging period. With this in mind, I ask that everyone refrain from speculating about the details of the accident, as this could spread inaccurate and hurtful information to the families and friends of those involved,” Stoddard added.

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On Tuesday, Petersen met with Denise Revels, director of student support services, about the school’s efforts to assist pupils cope.

“Letter writing to the family. Making cards. Just doing things to help that family feel they have support and help those students express their emotions,” Revels said. “We actually go into classrooms and will hold large group sessions with students in the classrooms.”

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