17-Year-Old Driver Dies After Fatal Crash With Florida City Police!

Thursday, a 17-year-old driver was ki!!ed after he crashed into a home in Florida City while trying to get away from police.

There was a huge hole in the side of an apartment building near 80th Avenue and Southwest 336th Street and a crushed black Mercedes with a yellow tarp inside. This was seen on Chopper 6.

Police say it all started about 10 blocks north when the driver was pulled over for a traffic violation by the Miami-Dade Police’s Robbery Intervention Detail. At the 326th Street and Krome Avenue Sunoco gas station, a RID officer walked up to the car and tried to get the driver to get out.

The driver then slammed the door on the police officer’s hand and drove off quickly, hitting the car of another woman on the way.

Police say the driver was trying to get away when they turned right onto Southwest 336th Street and sped down the road going west. They lost control, crashed through a fence, and then hit a building.


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“The car came like blowing through the fence,” said neighbor Mari Williams, who witnessed the incident. “We saw like a big cloud of smoke and I ran outside of my car. And I ran outside with my camera and started filming.”

Authorities say that as the car flew through the air, a gun with a large magazine flew out the window, and shots flew everywhere.

When the police arrived, they said the driver was dead. He was named Brandon Madison, 17, by Miami-Dade police on Friday.

“What’s important is that you have a 17-year-old who lost their life,” said Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta. “You have a 17-year-old, for whatever the reason why he was fleeing, he put himself and other people in danger.”

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Police said the rental car he was in was his and that the gun had been reported stolen in northeast Miami-Dade.

Police said that both the cop whose hand was hit and the woman whose car was hit are fine.

“It’s sad that it had to be a 17-year-old, a kid. That’s very unfortunate,” Williams said. “It’s scary. You know, more and more these days, we’re losing the youth.”

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