1 Dead, Suspect Shot in Deadly Shooting at New Hampshire Hospital

A gunman opened fire in the lobby of a New Hampshire hospital on Friday, killing one person, according to police. A state trooper coming to the scene shot and killed the suspect, according to the police.

According to authorities, the incident occurred at Concord’s New Hampshire State Hospital at approximately 3:40 p.m.

According to the state’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office, the problem has been “contained.” The office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management stated, “The scene remains active.”

According to Col. Mark Hall, director of the New Hampshire State Police, the whole shooting incident took place in the hospital lobby.

According to Hall, after the suspect shot one victim, a state trooper attached to the hospital responded and fired and killed the suspect.

The victim in Friday’s deadly shooting at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord has been identified as Bradley Haas, a former member of the US Army and ex-chief of the Franklin Police Department.

According to Hall, the victim received CPR on the spot and was taken to Concord Hospital, where they were declared dead. In order to inform the victim’s relatives, police are working.

According to Hall, every patient is safe.

“The scene remains active as one suspicious vehicle has been located,” Hall informed reporters on Friday during a briefing.

A bomb squad is looking into the car, according to Hall. At the scene, Lori Weaver, the commissioner of health and human services for New Hampshire, expressed her shock and sadness over the tragedy.

According to Weaver, the hospital is currently closed to outside visitors but is open to patients. Families would be able to contact patients through a phone center, she stated.

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