1.3 Million COVID Vaccines For Kids Ready To Ship To Texas

State health leaders shared news regarding the rollout Monday. They announced 2.9 million Texas kids are qualified for the COVID vaccine. 

Corona Virus vaccines could be prepared for kids ages 5 to 11 by the end of the upcoming week. The FDA is supposed to make the last recommendation Tuesday; then, the CDC will allow a following early week.

The Pfizer doses for adults are recognized for their purple cap. Youthful kids will get a much lower dosage so that those bottles will have an orange cap. Providers have previously started to pre-order vaccines for kids from the national government.

The entire amount of pediatric vaccine designated to Texas is nearly 1.3 million doses. Imelda Garcia, the DSHS assistant administrator for laboratory and infectious virus services, stated the two-dose vaccine would quickly be prepared for 2.9 million kids in Texas who come into that age class. 

She described hundreds of providers who previously submitted applications to the state to get shipments of the pediatric vaccines in the progress of the critical consent rules.

“As of presently, 814 Texas providers in 120 counties will be taking the Pfizer pediatric vaccine in the initial three waves of vaccine transportation,” Garcia stated. “There are approximately 134 counties that will not get the vaccine in the initial wave of purchases because they did not place orders.”

“The whole vaccine effectiveness for this community of 5 to 11 years of age is approximately 90%,” Dr. Saroj Rai stated, DSHS superior experimental advisor and citizen vaccinologist. 

Health specialists stated these vaccines are secure and efficient for kids. The only side effects are insignificant, involving pain at the vaccination site, weakness, and headache. Local doctors support parents to take their children vaccinated once they become available because they announced the advantages exceed the risks.

“What we noticed in this last wave with the Delta variant is that as opposed to previous waves, it was predominantly the children that were influenced,” Dr. Ben Wilson stated, the associate chief pharmaceutical manager at Waco Family Medicine.

Wilson stated although hospitalization in children has been low, it increased with the Delta variant.

“Vaccinating children is the newest step in the problem to cocooning the adult community as well and defending them from getting COVID and all the dangerous complications that can happen out from that,” Wilson stated. 

Texas COVID-19 Cases

The state listed 31,019 more cases in the prior week, involving 23,285 verified cases and 7,734 possible cases.

The state further described 1,242 COVID-19 deaths across the preceding week, increasing its price to 69,089. The state’s case sum is now 4,196,041, involving 3,492,166 verified.

There is a sum of 4,078 hospitalizations in the area, involving 1,235 in North Texas. According to the country, 17,661,570 people in Texas have got at least one shot of a COVID vaccine, while 15,344,238 — 63.8% of the state’s residents 12 and older — are fully vaccinated.

Texas Vaccination Update

DSHS states 814 providers in 120 nations will get pediatric dosages of Pfizer’s Corona Virus vaccine. Hence, 134 counties are not supposed to get pediatric doses because they have not bought any from the country. Orders can yet be placed, and weekly allocations of vaccines will proceed.

The first three purchases will come in Texas communities between 1-9 days after the pediatric vaccine gets emergency use support from the FDA. 

The vaccines should further be confirmed by the CDC, which will appear on November 2 and 3. Once confirmed, vaccine officials could start quickly after.

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