WWE SmackDown-Chicago Crowd Gives a Standing Ovation to Ricochet

With his incredible in-ring skills, Ricochet is a top contender for the title of WWE’s best performer. Every time he enters the ring, The Only leaves an indelible impression on his fans and competitors.

Another fantastic performance from him occurred last night

The Intercontinental Title match between Ricochet and Gunther from last night’s SmackDown was for the Intercontinental Championship. A terrific contest between the two had the Chicago crowd cheering.

Because of Ricochet’s toughness, the Ring General unveiled a new finishing move—the Las Symphony—that would leave an impression. Post-match, Ricochet was ready to be eliminated by Imperium when Braun Strowman stepped in to protect him.

The audience cheered loudly when the Monster raised Ricochet’s hand Among the Men. The crowd gave a standing ovation to the One and Only. While the match was taking a break, WWE cameras caught the moment.

source: ringsidenews.com

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