Jeff Hardy Faked His WWE Release? Happy Corbin Blasts Dumb Podcaster For His Comment

Most people will love to resign honorable than to have a report on their file that they are fired. The same Jeff Hardy, the WWE champion got fired from WWE and the controversial wrestling podcaster JDfromNY reacted to Jeff Hardy’s release that Jeff Hardy wanted to get fired and that his issues were faked to get fired.

Jeff Hardy was sent home midway in a live match because he was perceived unfit to fight. It was said that he was sacked because he refused the WWE’s offer for him to go for rehab.

What Were Jeff Hardy’s Issues?

This wouldn’t be the first time he was sacked by WWE, he was also sacked in 2003 for issues related to drugs and refusal to visit rehab. He has a long history of using drugs, alcohol, multiple arrests.

At an interview before now, at a sit-down interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hardy discussed turning down rehab ahead of his 2003 WWE release.

“That was the first time I denied rehab,” Hardy told Austin. “I was like, ‘Nah! I got this.’ But I was in denial about my issue, my problem.” “I thought I had it down or [had at least] controlled my addiction,” Hardy said. “And then even in TNA, I got a little wacky eventually so I ended up getting fired from there for pretty much missing some shows or something.”

Boron Corbin Reacts to JDfromNY

After what JDfromNY said reacting to Jeff Hardy’s release that Jeff Hardy wanted to get fired and that his issues were faked to get fired.

Boron Corbin responded by commenting on his post stating that JDfromNY is one of the dumbest people on the planet and that Jeff Hardy’s issues are well known by now and it is simply callous to even claim that Hardy would fake them just to get fired by WWE.

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He continued “We will have to wait and see what is next in store for Hardy.”

Other Wrestlers have voiced our support and concerns for Jeff Hardy since he was sacked.

WWE champion Big E wrote on Twitter.

“Jeff Hardy is so beloved by his fans and his peers. I’ve never heard a negative word about him & he’s always treated me with such kindness. Just wishing him and his family the very best,”

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. also wrote…

“I know people gonna be calling for him to be going to AEW and whatnot. I’m sure that’s already the talk out there, but I think that’s the last place he needs to be right now. From a monetary perspective, you’ll always be ‘checking,’ okay? So that right there can motivate you to go do work when you don’t need to. My thing is, hopefully, he gets the help he needs.”

Jeff Hardy’s wife Beth responded on Twitter…

“Jeff is good. We are good. Post that you ‘heard’ that. Thanks.”

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