Western Springs Multi-Vehicle Accident Involving 6 Cars Results in 1 Death And 3 Injuries

The man killed in a six-vehicle accident in Western Springs on Thursday afternoon has been identified.

On Friday, Western Springs police reported that Joseph P. Mankiewicz, 44, of Chicago, was declared deceased at the site of the collision.

The event happened on Ogden Avenue between Harvey and Clausen avenues at about 4:10 p.m.

Six Automobiles Involved

When authorities arrived, they discovered six automobiles involved in an accident. Three individuals were sent to local hospitals, two in critical condition and one in stable condition.

According to authorities, Mankiewicz was driving an Audi A7. His closest pals returned to the disaster site at Nazareth Academy, where they were students, to leave flowers for “Joey.”

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Homero Villareal, a buddy, fought back tears as he said, “I had actually just had supper with him the night before.”

“Now, less than a day later, we find ourselves here.”

Cause of the Collision

Police said that they were still investigating the cause of the collision and did not disclose any other information on the possible contributing factors.

On Thursday afternoon, chopper 7HD was hovering over the location following the occurrence.

The severely damaged automobiles were strewn over four lanes of Ogden Avenue in various degrees of devastation.

Jim Sikora, who lives near the accident site, said, “Someone was passing another automobile and struck the pickup truck, causing it to spin, which set off a chain reaction.”

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The dad in the pickup vehicle was accompanied by his little kid. The truck driver was too terrified to speak on camera, claiming it was the most terrifying event he had ever encountered. According to him, it occurred too quickly for him to determine what caused it.

The section of road lacks turn lanes, and residents claim that speeding cars are a continuous problem.

Brian Clark, a local resident, said, “Someone must have been travelling at a high rate of speed, since it’s inexplicable how the automobiles ended up there.”

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Detective Division of the Western Springs Police Department at 708-241-1800.

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