Two Women Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison Using Drones

Two ladies were detained in a recent operation at the DeKalb County Jail for attempting to sneak what appear to be illegal narcotics and prohibited things into the facility.

The suspects, Kyrenda Carter, 27, and Porchae Wade, 36, were arrested on January 6th after deputies noticed suspicious behavior regarding a gray van parked in the jail’s visitation area.

The Search and Seizure

When officers investigated the van, they uncovered a collection of items not often found in a vehicle parked near a jail—cellphone chargers, charging cords, binoculars, rolling papers, cigarette lighters, and earbuds.

Two Women Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison Using Drones

A Swellpro Drone with remote control, batteries, a bullhorn, and approximately 48.3 grams of a substance suspected to be marijuana were among the goods seized.

This unique collection of goods raises concerns regarding their intended usage and beneficiaries within the prison.

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Previous Incidents and Charges

Kyrenda Carter, the driver of the van, faces many accusations, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to conduct a felony, criminal trespass for unlawful purposes, driving without a valid license, and providing false information to law officers.

Porchae Wade has been charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute, conspiracy to conduct a felony, and criminal trespass for unlawful purposes.

This incident is similar to another that occurred in December, when two men were detained for attempting to smuggle drugs, cigarettes, and cell phones into the same jail, showing the continued problem for law enforcement in preserving the security and integrity of correctional facilities.

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