Two Occupants Survive Truck Cab Being Cut Off by Concrete Beam in Lake Zurich

In Lake Zurich, Route 12 is experiencing major traffic delays because the load on a semi-truck moved, ripping the truck’s cab off with a concrete beam. Luckily, the people inside escaped with only minor injuries.

Late Tuesday morning at 8:56 a.m., the Lake Zurich Police Department and Fire Rescue Department were called to the area of Route 12 and Deerpath Road in Lake Zurich because of a report of a car accident.

Heavy traffic delays are reported on Route 12 in Lake Zurich after a semi truck’s load shifted and a concrete beam sheared the truck’s cab off:

Initial reports said the accident involved a semi-truck flipping over. When firefighters arrived, they saw an accident involving a semi-truck that had not flipped over.

David Pilgard, president of Lake Zurich Fire Rescue, said that the flatbed semi-truck’s load moved while it was slowing down. According to Pilgard, a solid concrete beam broke off and tore off the truck’s cab while two people were inside.

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Both guys were able to get out of the truck cab by themselves, even though it was on the ground. Pilgard stated that the two guys in the taxi “miraculously” lived. One was taken to the hospital with slight injuries.

Route 12’s eastbound and southbound lanes were blocked off and are still blocked off as of 9:45 a.m. Elernie’s Wrecker Service is coming to clean up and take away the beam and truck, Pilgard said. Route 12 is experiencing extreme traffic jams, and drivers are being asked to stay away from the area.

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