Two Men Arrested in Bartow County Woman’s Dumping Case

Amanda Sharpe’s body was discovered in October 2022 on an Ivey Road construction site in Bartow County. One guy has been arrested in connection with her death.

According to investigators, Sharpe died at a Kennesaw motel. After that, her body was driven around five miles and dumped there.

Jahman Alston, 26, of Lawrenceville, was charged on Thursday with tampering with evidence and concealing the death of another person. He was placed into the Cobb County Jail.

2 man arrested in death of woman found dumped in Bartow County:

Alston is also charged with violating his probation after being found guilty of multiple offenses in 2017 including stealing, obstruction, and involvement in a gang.

On October 15, 2022, a second man, Jack Schell, 28, was taken into custody. Along with several drug accusations, he was accused of hiding the death of another person, tampering with evidence, and four counts of financial transaction card theft.

Neither of the males has been released from the Cobb County Jail.

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