Three Different Shootings were Reported in Different Boston Areas Within One Hour

Police are trying to figure out if there is a link between three separate shootings that happened in different parts of Boston on Sunday night, one of which killed someone and hurt five others.

The first gunfire in Boston occurred around 9:10 p.m. in the Mattapan area. According to a press statement issued by the police department, they received a radio report of two victims who had been shot.

Upon arrival, police discovered two victims suffering from gunshot wounds; both were sent to the hospital, where one male victim was later declared dead.

Second Person was Injured But Not Critically

Then, around 9:40 p.m., officers responded to another gunshot in the Dorchester area, just around the corner. A guy in his twenties was discovered with several gunshot wounds and was sent to the hospital.

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Another adult male was shot in Hyde Park around 9:45 p.m., but he did not suffer life-threatening wounds and was rushed to the hospital.

Two other people, who had been shot in the same incident, reportedly drove themselves to the hospital shortly after.

Police Commissioner Michael Cox Speaks

When gunshots were heard in Boston on Sunday night, Police Commissioner Michael Cox said, “This is a pretty bad night in general.”

At a press conference on Sunday night, Cox remarked, “Having six individuals within an hour, period, in numerous areas across the city is a horrible thing, whether it’s the worst crime period or one of the better ones in our history.”

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The fact that people aren’t calling in to report what they saw or heard is the only thing that worries me more.

No one involved in the shootings was apprehended on Sunday.

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