The New Fuel America Cafe at BU Makes High-Quality Coffee Easily Accessible

Fuel America’s seventh station opened Wednesday across from Boston University‘s West Campus.

Fuel America co-owner Jeff Bonasia coined “America Runs on Dunkin” while promoting Dunkin’ Donuts before opening the café. He then tried something new.

Sensible and Emotional American Coffee Shop

Bonasia said the emotional side honours the “can-do mentality of Americans,” while the logical side is about eating.

Bonasia said the emotional side is an unassuming coffee shop that appeals to a broad range of Americans who celebrate the American melting pot of variety and individuals from all walks of life.

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“The logical side of the brand is designing a menu and serving fresh coffee.”

Bonasia collaborated with co-owner and chef Carlos Magalhaes to open a “made-to-order” coffee cafe.

“Besides grinding our own coffee, the menu is distinctive since we lean towards better-for-you foods,” Bonasia added.

Justin Enis, Director of Coffee Operations

“We offer smoothies, salads, and acai and pitaya bowls.” Bonasia claimed Fuel America roasts all its coffee in Worcester under Justin Enis, director of coffee operations.

Enis chooses the coffee ingredients, comes up with the roast formula that affects how the coffee tastes, and uses quality control to make sure that the coffee is always the same.

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“Basically everything in the firm that affects coffee, somehow I’m somewhere down that line,” Enis added.

Enis praised Fuel America’s “high-quality” but welcoming attitude. Fuel America is a third-wave coffeehouse that promotes great coffee.

“The firm fulfils my passion for high-quality coffees and the mass market, which is a pretty intriguing cross-section,” Enis added.

Third-wave coffee shops are typically inaccessible. “They’re mostly in gentrified areas or not everywhere.”

At the opening of Fuel America, College of Engineering graduate student Avi Bass praised how easy it was to get to the coffee shop.

“I like that there’s a coffee shop here a lot since it’s just across from the gym, so it’s a fantastic location to relax afterwards,” Bass said.

Since he lives nearby, MIT senior Ty Zhang found the business handy.

Zhang responded, “I simply walked in one day.” “It was a week before they opened, and the owner was there, and we just spoke for a little, and he offered me a free sample, which was very sweet, so I decided to come back when they opened.”

Fuel America targets clients like Zhang and Bass, according to Bonasia.

Bonasia claimed it might intimidate coffee novices. “We try to take all that away and welcome you and assist you in learning about coffee if you’re interested.”

Enis stated that Fuel America would grow tremendously.

Enis called the expansion approach bold. “We want 5,000 shops nationwide.” Seven now.”

Bonsai said quality, not size, is the aim.

Bonasia stated, “We want growth.” “I want to be a big brand, but not really big.” “It’s about building excellent franchises organically.”

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