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Two Shootings Within an Hour- Three Men Killed in West Philadelphia


Police say three males were shot and murdered in West Philadelphia within an hour of one other. Around midnight on Friday, shots were reported in the 200 block of South Saint Bernard Street, prompting police to dispatch.

When police arrived, they discovered two individuals inside a running car. Two men were sitting in the front seats, one behind the wheel. Both victims had been shot in the head, according to the police, and were unresponsive.

Both guys were pronounced deceased by first responders. The police believe many bullet holes in the driver’s side window indicate the car was shot at. Outside the car, two shot casings had already been fired, and inside, there were many more.

According to the authorities, it appears that shots were fired into the car, and the victims may have retaliated. Between his legs, cops found a semi-automatic weapon belonging to the victim, who had been sitting in the passenger seat. Both victims are currently being referred to as “John Does” because authorities cannot know who they are. To identify and apprehend the shooter or shooters,

Police  examines footage from several private video cameras

A shooting victim was reported lying in the 700 block of South 58th Street shortly before 1 a.m. When police arrived, they discovered a 28-year-old male with gunshot wounds to his right hip, hand, and wrist. After being transferred there, he was pronounced dead at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

After following a trail of blood from South 58th Street to the 700 block of South Cecil Street, police discovered two spent shot casings. According to investigators, the shooting happened on Cecil Street, and the victim either ran or went to 58th Street before collapsing.

The victim’s name has not been disclosed, but police say his last known address was within a half mile of the crime scene. The cops found some cameras and are hoping they can use them to make an arrest

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