The Enigmatic Case of The Lake County Home Bullet Shatterer!

This month, there were reports of a suspicious person and a shooting in Lake County. On Thursday, officers said that they still don’t have any suspects or leads.

Around 9:15 p.m. on October 10, deputies were called to the 25000 block of Troon Avenue about a suspicious person report. In a case report, they said that the person in question had been seen on security video walking around an empty house that was being renovated.

Deputies said that the person who made the complaint wasn’t at the scene because they saw the subject on surveillance video, but the subject also wasn’t there.

The report says that while the cops were responding, they got another call from a residence on PGA Drive. This time, the caller was upset about a bullet going through a sliding glass door. It was about 100 feet from where the strange person’s report was made to where the door was.

The report says that someone about a block away called about a shooting just one minute after dispatch got the first call about a shooting.

The area was searched for a shooter, but no one was found. Deputies also tried to get in touch with the person who reported the strange person but were unsuccessful.

Bullet Shatters Door Of Lake County Home

The person who called the police about the bullet through the door had also picked it up with their bare hands and put it in a sandwich bag, the report says.

At the time of this story, there was no information about a suspect. However, the sheriff’s office “the casing found at the scene was sent off to FDLE for analysis.”

Since bullets and bullet shells are two different things, it wasn’t said if the casing was found at the house that was shot, at the house that wasn’t occupied, or somewhere else.

Robert Mota and his family live close to the Troon Avenue house that is being built. The bullet went through his house.

“It was very close and I looked at it and I think God blocked that bullet,” Mota said. “I give Him the credit and I don’t know how it missed her.”

He said that the sound of the bullet going through their sliding glass door last Tuesday was like a giant vase breaking on the floor.

“You ever drop a really loud vase on the floor, and it just has that crashing noise?” Mota said. “And then on top of that, my daughter yelling ‘Dad, someone is shooting at us.’”

Mota said that they don’t feel safe in their own home anymore. “It’s just not what Sorrento used to be,” Mota said. “And be honest, me and my wife already had a discussion about it. It’s time to go. I just — we just don’t feel safe there now.”

Police in Lake County, led by Lt. John Herrell, said they still don’t know how the unknown man at the house on Troon Avenue is linked to either of the shootings last Tuesday.

“We haven’t identified that person yet, so we would love to be able to do that,” Herrell said. “And that’s why we would love to hear from anyone in the community who may be able to help us identify that person. But right now, that person is at large and we don’t know who that was.”

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Herrell said that the police don’t have any tips or suspects at this time.

“The homeowner does not know of any enemies who would want to cause harm to him or his family,” Herrell said. “So right now, we’re just really at a loss and trying to establish some new leads.”

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