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Netflix’s Sweet Tooth review!



sweet tooth

Netflix’s success is soaring with supernatural shows containing a pure genre of storytelling. These shows dig deep into the surreality and reality of life and experience. There are shows less like stranger things that are built around a broader and understandable audience. At the same time, there are shows like “the Umberella Academy” with an unapologetic niche. Within this realm, there is a new show ” Sweet Tooth”.

Sweet Tooth is already grasping eyes with an eye-catching promo featuring a little boy named Gus. It is a new eight-part fantasy series introducing a child who is half animal part human. The boy has a set of antlers on his head.

The post-apocalyptic show is co-producer is actor Robert Downey Jr. The series is adapted from a comic book series by Jeff Lemire. When a mysterious virus sweeps the world, thus beginning the era of hybrid kids. Post-virus-era kids born are part human and part animal.

Gus has antlers on his head while other kids have fur, wings, and beaks. Humans fear these types of kids born after the post-apocalyptic era, which is why Gus lives in the deep woods away from human civilization.

Sweet Tooth begins with a narration about what happens before these kids were born. An untreatable virus caused havoc on the planet, and post pregnancies gave birth to these weird kids.
Gus will make our hearts melt. The storyline is a fairy tale of a boy who is captive in the forest.

His anonymity makes him clever and capable of doing things no other kid can at that time. But after the tragic death of his father, he begins a journey to find his mother. His mother lives on the side of the world where he has to travel alone with a pair of antlers to establish stability with his other parent in the United States.

Sweet Tooth is a fairytale with a charming and beautifully conveyed storyline. It is also the condemnation of humanity’s worst fears. Can the bo find his mother, who lives far in the modern world? Or does he lose his humanity on the way? Watch Sweet Tooth now streaming on Netflix.

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Teen suicide attempts spiked during COVID-19 lockdowns!



teens suicide

Amidst the pandemic and lockdown, there was a surge in teen suicide attempts, according to the reports published by CDC. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that girls aged 12 to 17 were seen in emergency hospitals for suicide attempts between February and March 2021.

There was a nearly 51% increase at the same time in 2019 when all schools and universities were closed. Experts also noted that there was a 4% increased in boys suicide cases aged between 12 and 17 between the same time.

The overall study did not conclude the fact why there was a sudden spike in several suicide cases. Still, it notes that “some researchers have cautioned about a potential increase in suicides during the COVID-19 pandemic on account of increases in suicide risk factors.”

The risk has increased due to a lack of connectivity between parents, peers,teens, family, and friends. And as there are so many rules to follow to remain healthy, like maintaining a safe distance or some extreme measures teens nowadays believe.

“Barriers to health treatment,” “increases in substance abuse,” and anxiety related to “family health and economic problems,” can also be certain risk factors in increasing death rate and suicides among teens.

CDC collected this data from the National Syndromic Surveillance Program’s emergency department from nearly 49 states. Some states also do not have well-developed emergency centers that why there was no data collected from organizations.

The attempted suicide cases are higher among teenage girls than boys during this pandemic period. Many emergency departments claimed that mental health problems and child abuse were also contributing factors.

And the study claims that teenagers were spending more time with parents than parents were alerted about their child’s issue. Many of them came to help from different psychiatrists and emergency departments. The data still is inadequate because many of them were hesitant to approach somebody for help or assistance.

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Herd of elephants in China have captivated the world!



herd of elephants

A pack of elephants roaming through southwest China has captivated the imagination of millions. Hundreds of police officers capturing the scenes by drones reached Kunming in southern Yunnan province by traveling 300 miles from their native home.

These 11 feet and 11,000 lbs elephants eat corns and pineapples delivered by Adam Chang. He also said that the scene was so beautiful and captivating. “I saw them picking apart the corn with their trunks,” he told NBC News over the messaging and social media app WeChat.

He further said that there were so beautiful and lively, much more than the zoo. They also had such an aura that normal zoo animals don’t possess. The news of a herd of elephant roaming in china has reached the world.

So many are fascinated and captivated by their beauty and charm. But experts have warned that the migration of elephants from their homes might be a reason for the grave problem. It could be damaging consequences of human encroachment in their habitats.

Elephants reached Kunming in china on June 2 despite all the efforts of police personnel to lure them back into their habitat. They passed through fields, busy thoroughfares, eating and stumbling into irrigation ditches before falling into a deep slumber in the woods.

The photograph of a herd of elephants sleeping in the woods was circulating in the social media, grabbing eyeballs. Some netizens were amazed by the view, while some complained about the damages they have done along the way.

Jason Cao, the owner of a Yunnan mining company, delivers food to elephants daily and doesn’t believe that elephants are a bad omen. “Elephant is a holy animal that can bring fortune and peace in Chinese culture, so we are very happy the elephants came,” he said.

Since last May, the herd of elephants has been moving when they left their home in Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve in southwest Yunnan at the border with Myanmar and Laos.

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Adam Sandler Responds to Getting Turned Down at IHOP!




The Sandman doesn’t hold resentment. Adam Sandler has reacted in a typical fashion to a viral TikTok video of a lady dismissing him from an IHOP. 

A week ago, 17-year-old Long Island hostess Dayanna Rodas didn’t perceive the “Uncut Gems” star and disclosed to him it would be a 30-minute hang tight for a table at the Manhasset International House of Pancakes. After she understood her error, a TikTok she made about the experience collected in excess of 9 million plays.

However, Sandler, 54, has come out for certain consoling words for Rodas. 

“For the record, I just left the IHOP on the grounds that the pleasant lady revealed to me the everything you-can-eat bargain didn’t matter to the milkshakes,” Sandler joked on Twitter on Monday. 

In the video, the pancake craving “Grown-Ups” maker was with a young lady (perhaps one of his girls Sadie, 14, or Sunny, 12) and wearing his ordinary easygoing clothing — a pullover, shoes, and shorts. His face was covered with a mask. 

IHOP laborer Dayanna Rodas accidentally dismisses Adam Sandler in a viral TikTok video. 

Rodas revealed a week ago that the entertainer stuck around outside the restaurant after she dismissed him. 

“It wasn’t until a client strolled in around 15 minutes after the fact saying, ‘Adam Sandler was outside,’ when I understood I had addressed Adam Sandler!” she said. 

Like a genuine Gen Z-er, she immediately caught the surveillance camera film and posted it on the well-known video-sharing application. 

“Not understanding it’s Adam Sandler and revealing to him it’s a 30min pause and him [of course] leaving [because] he won’t sit tight 30mins for IHOP,” she inscribed her clasp. 

Plainly, Sandler isn’t feeling salty. In any case, it very well might merit offering him an unlimited milkshake next time he visits.

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