Netflix’s Sweet Tooth review!

Netflix’s success is soaring with supernatural shows containing a pure genre of storytelling. These shows dig deep into the surreality and reality of life and experience. There are shows less like stranger things that are built around a broader and understandable audience. At the same time, there are shows like “the Umberella Academy” with an unapologetic niche. Within this realm, there is a new show ” Sweet Tooth”.

Sweet Tooth is already grasping eyes with an eye-catching promo featuring a little boy named Gus. It is a new eight-part fantasy series introducing a child who is half animal part human. The boy has a set of antlers on his head.

The post-apocalyptic show is co-producer is actor Robert Downey Jr. The series is adapted from a comic book series by Jeff Lemire. When a mysterious virus sweeps the world, thus beginning the era of hybrid kids. Post-virus-era kids born are part human and part animal.

Gus has antlers on his head while other kids have fur, wings, and beaks. Humans fear these types of kids born after the post-apocalyptic era, which is why Gus lives in the deep woods away from human civilization.

Sweet Tooth begins with a narration about what happens before these kids were born. An untreatable virus caused havoc on the planet, and post pregnancies gave birth to these weird kids.
Gus will make our hearts melt. The storyline is a fairy tale of a boy who is captive in the forest.

His anonymity makes him clever and capable of doing things no other kid can at that time. But after the tragic death of his father, he begins a journey to find his mother. His mother lives on the side of the world where he has to travel alone with a pair of antlers to establish stability with his other parent in the United States.

Sweet Tooth is a fairytale with a charming and beautifully conveyed storyline. It is also the condemnation of humanity’s worst fears. Can the bo find his mother, who lives far in the modern world? Or does he lose his humanity on the way? Watch Sweet Tooth now streaming on Netflix.

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