Is it True that this Thai Man is 163 years old or is it Fake?

Introducing you to Mbah Gotho, who is supposedly the oldest man in the world.

The Central Java, Indonesia, a man who is 163 years old has been making news for some time. When you’ve (allegedly) reached an age that most people can’t even fathom, it’s hard not to.

The late Mbah Gotho, who lived to be 146 years old, attributed his long life to practicing patience. We’re trying to clear up some of the confusion and misinformation that has surrounded this issue.

Though his age hasn’t been confirmed with certainty, he has the proper identification to prove it. Mr. Gotho’s birth year is uncertain due to the lack of reliable historical documentation from the era.

He was awarded a national ID card by the Indonesian government in 2014, listing December 31, 1870, as his birthdate.

Yet neither Guinness World Records nor any other such organization would provide him with the proof he and his family sought.

The 163-year-old guy was not officially recognized as the world’s oldest man because he lacked independent, third-party verification from an international source.

It’s terrible if he was actually born in 1870, but it’s standard procedure for such things and makes sense from a public international records standpoint.

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TikTok’s popularity did not begin with Mbah Gotho until 2022.

Recently, a video of a man who is reportedly even older than Mbah Gotho began circulating on Tik Tok after being shot by his grandchild.

This gentleman, who appears to be dressed as a monk, is claimed to be 40 years older than the oldest person ever recorded.

And a Whole Lot of Other Lies, Too

The only problem with this story is the man at its center, who appears like he would topple over if the wind blew the wrong way, has made a number of exaggerated claims.

A very ancient man in Thailand, possibly a monk, is shown in films lovingly embracing his granddaughter. This man is not Indonesian Mbah Gotho.

The rumor mill said, for example, that he was mummifying himself as part of some sort of religious ritual.

Turning oneself into a mummy while remaining technically alive is an ordinary Buddhist practice.

It appears that this might be the situation! Unfortunately, that is not the case.

This Thai man, who is shown to be 109 years old in the clips, is the oldest person ever to appear on film.

He goes by the name of Luang Pho Yai, and it was recently discovered that the claims of his mummification were false.

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Does Anyone Have Any Idea How Old He Actually Is?

Neither man’s actual age, let alone whether or not the 163-year-old is a fraud, will ever be known.

There is no reliable way to determine these gentlemen’s ages due to discrepancies between censuses in developed and developing countries and the sloppier record-keeping of the former.

From what we can see, though, they appeared to have had long and fruitful lives.
Mr. Luang Pho Yai seemed to be surrounded by family and love, and Mr. Mbah Gotho encouraged listeners to be patient and compassionate.

Even in a ripe old age like a centenarian, one can only aspire for such things. Have a long and fruitful life!


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