Stimulus Checks: Possible Bonus Payments Could Be Coming Near Christmas

A new Stimulus Checks update reveals that possible bonus payments could be coming around Christmas for those living in the Prairie State.

According to the Sun, a proposal about the stimulus checks was made by Republicans in Illinois’ House of Representatives.

Should the proposal pass, single taxpayers who are earning less than $75,000 a year will receive a $200 check.

Meanwhile, an amount of $400 will go to joint filers who are earning less than $150,000.

GOP state Representative, Tom Demmer, states that the stimulus check support will “mirror” some of the financial aid by the U.S. government over the past year and a half.

“$400 won’t make all the problems go away,” he declared. But it could have a positive impact.”

The Illinois representative further explained that the $400 stimulus check could be an extra week or two of groceries as well as a few extra utility bills. “Or it could make a difference between being able to buy new shoes or winter coats for your kids.”

However, the stimulus check bill in Illinois has not passed yet. This is still a potential circumstance ahead of the legislation.

Are Stimulus Checks being Considered in the Other States?

California residents will receive another round of stimulus checks on November 29th, according to the Sun.

The checks have a value of $1100 each. The extra funds are expected to be received by nine million Californians by the end of 2021.

Stimulus checks in California will be the first to include the 5.9% rise. This is notably the highest increase in 40 years.

Californians must, however, have an adjusted gross income (CAAGI) between $1 and $75,000 in order to qualify for the latest round of stimulus checks.

In order for qualified Californians to receive the upcoming funds, 2020 tax returns also need to be filed by October 15th.

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Media outlets report that residents’ zip codes will determine how they will be paid.

From November 29th through December 13th, residents of zip codes 585-619 will receive a check.

Additionally, retired workers will receive a check next month.

As a result, Social Security checks are increasing to approximately $1,600 per month.

Mary Johnson, of the Senior Citizens League, previously revealed that roughly one in five older seniors visits food pantries or takes advantage of food assistance programs.

“It’s highly disturbing that such a large number of survey participants have been forced to access food pantries. This illustrates the dire situation faced by households of those who depend on Social Security for most of their income. [Especially] when food prices jump into overdrive.”

Social Security benefits have increased by 55% as a consequence of cost-of-living adjustments, according to research conducted by the group.

Since 2000, the cost of housing has also increased by 118%.

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