Everyone Who Voted For Biden, Must Apologies to All Americans!

President Joe Biden had had an African travel ban was implemented Monday.

Such actions from Biden are in direct contradiction to the comments he made when former President Donald Trump instituted similar travel restrictions to combat the Coronavirus.

This reveals an underlying lack of sincerity in Biden’s handling of the pandemic.

It can be recalled that Biden stoked the flames of racial hatred against Trump and his administration when they implemented an ‘Africa travel ban’.

Today, Biden has been the dog that caught its own tail — just more than a year into his first term.

In the end, he misled 81 million people, and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. A critical mess his supporters should apologize for.

Our mess is their fault – and it’s just as messy as the approval ratings indicate it.

Right now, nothing in the U.S. is better than on Jan. 19, 2020, in terms of foreign policy, immigration, crime, inflation, and gas prices.

And Biden cannot even claim that he made progress with the pandemic despite the vaccines that had been developed rapidly under Trump.

Although Biden appears to be unifying on the campaign trail, he has been divisive regardless, if not more so, than his predecessor.

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Honestly believing that Trump’s travel bans are discriminatory is one thing. Another thing is the issue of deceiving the public by demonizing and criticizing Trump, then turning around and doing precisely the same thing yourself.

Biden campaigned on “having a plan” to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, a theme which was cited by many as a reason they voted for him over Trump.

Despite the benefit of hindsight that Biden had in early 2020, that Trump did not, more people died from COVID-19 under Biden than under Trump.

The excess number of deaths in the Biden administration cannot be attributed to anything Biden did specifically wrong.

However, his criticisms of Trump were always empty political theatrical performances.

He lied. He didn’t have a plan for how to improve. As such, blame the Biden voters for the high death toll in 2021.

Gas prices have skyrocketed during the Biden administration.

Biden’s energy policy is partly to blame for this, as it will make the United States less energy-independent and more reliant on foreign oil.

The Biden administration continues to moan about the high costs associated with drilling on federal lands.

As a consequence, fewer oil fields are being explored and prices are moving up. Again, that’s Biden voters’ fault.

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Take inflation into account. Inflation has negated the gains made under Trump in terms of median household income.

In addition, even though Biden cannot be solely blamed for inflation, his policies have contributed to it, and he is currently advocating legislation that would worsen it.

Earlier, Biden’s decision-making and inflationary outcomes have been criticized by high-profile Obama economic advisers. During his campaign, a number of these advisers advised Biden.

Now, these advisers have cautioned about how Biden‘s policies will result in “the highest inflation in more than half a century.” Again, if you don’t like this, blame Biden voters.

The plagiarism committed by Biden is just one manifestation of Biden’s long history of screw-ups and dishonesty. Still, many people voted for him.

Many of them were misled by Biden’s false promises.

Apologies to those you have wronged are the first step toward recovery, and Biden supporters have an obligation to apologize to the country.

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