‘Shame on Wu’: Boston Mayor Stops Mass & Cass Update as Hecklers Yell Over Her

The Boston mayor, Michelle Wu, had to cut short her press conference on the troublesome Mass and Cass area on Thursday because protesters were yelling, “Shame on Wu!”

Wu Speaks

At the start of his speech at Clifford Park on Shirley Street in Roxbury, Wu said, “It’s challenging for me to stand here and tell you guys how far we’ve come.

I know that the city still feels like it’s carrying so much and is so obviously shaken by the severity of mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and homelessness. We’re still having trouble keeping up with the demand to serve.”

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Mayor revealed that 200 thousand needles had been removed from the neighbourhood since January. She gave information on the continuing operation to transfer residents from the area due to safety concerns.

Hecklers Yelled

After this, the hecklers began yelling at her, and Boston police officers had to step in to maintain order.

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“There’s a lot of noise, but I want to be able to convey some of the stuff that we’ve been working on,” Wu added.

The speaker was then cut off by a protester who shouted, “We are not noise. The fact that we’re human doesn’t change it.

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