Beloved Philadelphia Crossing Guard Receives an Emotional Farewell, After 38 Years

Carman Harris has assisted Philadelphia youngsters on their journey to and from school for the last 38 years.

On Friday, a thankful student from Samuel Gompers School thanked the crossing guard as she crossed the street for the last time.

Harris said, “It’s very charged.” “I am thrilled on the one hand and devastated on the other. This is my hometown. I am hosting three families. I am the third generation to cross. It will be missed. “

Harris Considers Gompers Second Home

Harris said, “I never had children, but they are my children.” “I always refer to them as my babies. I have babies spanning 38 years. “

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Earlier in the day, the school held a large assembly for Harris. She was filled with passion and shed tears as the audience applauded enthusiastically.

According to the faculty, staff, students, and their families, Harris is a school fixture. 
Politicians also took part in the event to honour Harris’s work, dedication, and care for children.

“I feel the love and I return it,” Harris said. “These children’s embraces, high-fives, elbow bumps, and tears brighten my mornings. It brightens mine and their days. “

She said that crossing guards are there when parents and caretakers are unavailable. 
She chuckled, “Crossing guards are nurses, mothers, and physicians.” We carry bandages and strive to be available for youngsters.

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In 1984, Harris began working at the primary school in the Overbrook neighbourhood of the city.

She has also served as president of Home and School and chief executive officer of United Parents for Successful Children.

When asked for advice for the subsequent crossing guard, Harris said, “They have huge shoes to fill.”

Please take care of my children, she pleaded.

What’s next for Harris? She will go on a cruise. Congratulations!

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