Drug Offenses in Las Vegas-Three Charged in 21,000 Fentanyl Pill Bust

Drug Enforcement Administration agents claim three people attempted to sell over 21,000 fentanyl tablets in North Las Vegas and are now being charged with drug offenses.
According to court filings, Jesus Rivera, Marco Montes, and Maritza Espada are each accused of conspiring to distribute a controlled substance, distributing a controlled substance, and possessing a controlled substance to distribute it.

On October 18, according to records, Rivera arranged to sell 1,000 fentanyl pills for $2,000 to an undercover detective agent. Just before 4:30 p.m., Rivera had arranged to meet the person in the North Las Vegas parking lot of a fast food establishment. According to the records, Rivera demanded to see the money before making a call, so they met in his truck.

The accused are caught by the keen observation of the detectives

Documents state that at about 5:45 p.m., Rivera was observed in a car with Montes and Espada before showing the person two “big, brick-like parcels” containing “a significant amount of blue colored tablets” thought to be fentanyl. The detectives subsequently took the drugs and detained Rivera, Montes, and Espada.

Later, detectives discovered that the total weight of the tablets was around 2,614 grams. For the three, there were no available bookings for pictures. After the call, Rivera was given 1,000 blue pills by Montes and Espada, who then drove into the parking lot and sold the drugs to the person, according to the records. Documents stated that Rivera planned to sell the victim another 20,500 fentanyl tablets at the same spot several hours later.

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