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Las Vegas City Launches Its Annual ‘Toys for Tickets’ Initiative

As the Christmas season approaches, the city of Las Vegas is once again allowing those with parking citations to settle their penalties in the form of toys.

As part of the city’s Flexible Housing Program, which helps house homeless families, the gifts will be given to kids during the holidays.

The initiative allows drivers who get a non-public safety parking citation between October 19 and November 16 to pay the fee by donating a new, unopened present of equal or higher value than the ticket cost.

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Not all ticket types are eligible for the programme.

The following tickets are not included:

– Any disability-related infraction

– No Stopping/No Standing

– Red curb

– Walkway 18″ from the curb

– Double parking

– Obstructing alley

– Improper proximity to junction, crosswalk, or stop/yield sign

– No-parking locations

– Bike lane

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