Security Guard Beaten By LA County Deputies During Arrest Speaks To Media

Security guard Blake Anderson, who was assaulted by LA County cops, breaks the silence. A cell phone video from earlier in the week showed two LA County Sheriff’s Department deputies forcibly arresting the security guard, later identified as Blake Anderson, outside the Luxor Hookah Lounge on Century Boulevard in Inglewood.

This week, Anderson’s family raised concerns about the LASD’s use-of-force decision if ultimately resulted in Anderson being gravely injured and ostensibly losing an eye.

In a press conference on Friday, Anderson and human rights lawyer Ben Crump spoke. Anderson remembered the incident from the night he had an eye injury.
“The police just attacked me viciously while I was doing my job. I then questioned them, “What did I do? What have I done? And I scream, “What did I do? They just punch me and slam my head,” “explained Anderson.

Crump also questioned how Anderson was detained by LASD. “not just using too much force, but being ruthless. Everyone will agree, after watching that video, that they are continuously banging his head into the ground. What sort of instruction is that?” said Crump.

The press conference was held on Friday after Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva responded to criticism of Anderson’s rough arrest on social media. On Thursday, Villanueva called the social media reaction in favor of Anderson “#FalseReporting” by “activists in reporter’s clothing.” What other ‘reports’ have you fabricated and misrepresented to get attention? Thursday, Villanueva posted on social media.

Anderson was on parole and unable to acquire or possess a gun at the time of his arrest, according to information provided by Villanueva earlier in the week. Anderson was not a hookah lounge employee, according to the sheriff. He did, however, acknowledge that the amount of force used was alarming and promised to keep looking into the matter.

According to the conclusion, appropriate administrative action will be taken, Villanueva wrote on social media on Thursday. Anderson was accused of having a loaded concealed weapon in his possession, assaulting a peace officer with a handgun, having a loaded firearm in his possession, and having ammunition in his possession.

Call the South LA Sheriff’s Station of the LASD at 323-820-6700 if you saw the arrest.

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