Massachusetts Street Listed One of The Most Beautiful Streets in The World

Both locals and visitors recognize Massachusetts‘ incredible beauty. This region of the world features a stunning landscape that is unparalleled from Cape Cod to the Berkshires.

When we talk about Massachusetts, we mention the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains, the history and beauty of Boston, and Cape Cod’s idyllic beaches, but what about their lovely streets? Yes, you read that right: 53 of the world’s most beautiful streets were just compiled by Architectural Digest, and one from Massachusetts made the shortlist.

The residents of western Massachusetts would have believed that the Hairpin Turn on the Mowhawk Trail, Route 2, in Clarksburg, should have been the preferred choice. What street finally made the list? Acorn Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill district. Even though we like the Berkshires, we still have to acknowledge that Acorn Street is quite stunning.

It is included in a list of streets that also includes streets from Spain, Hungary, Greece, Mexico, Iran, Japan, and other countries.

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