San Francisco Store Employee’s Gun Stolen During Armed Robbery

Surveillance footage from the Mission District shows a shockingly violent armed robbery and attack that took place.

On Wednesday night, the event occurred outside a convenience shop at the corner of Mission and 26th streets.

Employees reported seeing a vehicle of a light colour come up to the shop. While three passengers exited the vehicle, the driver remained inside.


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Three masked males with weapons were seen on camera threatening and beating up employees.

The Whole Thing Happened in Less Than a Minute

He pulled out a revolver and began shoving me. I’m going to punch you in the face. I’m about to pop you. Then I shall have to shoot you.

Shop worker Ramesh threatened the customer, “I will kill you.”

Ramesh said he took a bullet to the head. An orange-hooded suspect then hit him while he was on the floor.

Two other suspects worked with another worker to completely empty the cash register.

The Amount Stolen Remains Unknown

Both the cashier and Ramesh returned to work the next day, the former still struggling to come to terms with what had happened.

In response to the event, Mission Merchants Association Board President Ryan Motzek shared his thoughts.

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“Ryan, how am I expected to conduct business here?” he is often asked by local company owners.

Motzek noticed that the city wasn’t as clean as it used to be, and he thought that was because crime was going up.

These entrepreneurs, who are once again clinging to survival, must endure the indignity of having their cafe’s windows smashed on their way to work each day. “That’s a significant setback every time it occurs,” he said.

Ramesh told East County Gazette on Friday that he couldn’t afford a setback. His sole hope is that the individuals who attacked and stole from them will be punished.

Ramesh hopes that people will follow his lead and begin sharing their own experiences.

We can only hope that something will be done if everyone complains. But no one wants to voice their displeasure for fear of reprisal, he added.

San Francisco police are asking that anybody with knowledge about this event contact them.

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