Popeyes Is Providing Away Free Food for 12 Days Direct

The 12 days of Christmas might’ve owned gold bracelets and a partridge in a pear tree, but you understand what it didn’t have? Fried chicken sandwiches and Cajun fries.

The revered New Orleans-related fast-food series is hitting things off with the 12 Days of Popeyes to keep the carnival period.

The approximately two-week-long movement stakes, which hits off today and continues within December 17, will provide you the possibility to get free food and cuts every particular day.

To operate, log into your Popeyes application or the website and begin opening private daily sales. While we don’t have too numerous aspects on the bonuses given, enthusiasts can anticipate everything—involving an opportunity to get $50,000.

I haven’t made the math on that one, but I’m rather sure that’s a lot of chicken sandwiches.

The 12 Days of Popeyes isn’t your just chance for easy food. The fast-food unit means a weekly notice that makes you a free chicken sandwich each Sunday by December 26.

Alternatively of snagging it immediately by the Popeyes app, this period, you’ll require Grubhub. The food delivery application gives a Free Chicken Sandwich combo and free shipment when you store your cart with a $20 value of food. It seems like you’ll be well-fed forward of the weekends.

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