Police Say the Teens Suspected in the Shooting at Pa. High School Have Committed Another Murder the Day Before

It has been reported that three of the four teenagers detained in connection with the shooting death of a Philadelphia high school student committed a second murder the day before.

Police think Troy Fletcher, 15, Zyhied Jones, 17, and Dayron Burney-Thorne, 16, killed Tahmir Jones, 19, in North Philadelphia on September 26th, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Officials said that Tahmir Jones, a young man living in the 600 block of North 13th Street, was shot more than 20 times outside his residence. He was sent to Jefferson Hospital but unfortunately passed away there.

Shocking incidents happen among teenagers

Fletcher and Jones were detained for a shooting that occurred twenty-four hours later when multiple assailants fired more than 60 shots at football players outside of Roxborough High School. One player, 14-year-old Nicholas Elizalde, was murdered, and four others were hurt.

Another suspect, 21-year-old Yaaseen Bivins, was apprehended and charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with the shooting at Roxborough High School. Burney-Thorne is still at large despite being a suspect in two separate shooting incidents.

In both shootings, police said they found shell casings that matched three of the firearms used and that there appears to be no connection between the crimes beyond the perpetrators. According to the Inquirer, Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore speculated that mistaken identity was at play in the shooting of Jones.

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