Oregon Teacher Finds Pieces of Lost Boeing Plane In Backyard

In an astonishing twist to the Alaska Airlines tragedy, educator Bob Sauer’s Sunday evening backyard search in Cedar Hills, Portland, Oregon, resulted in a momentous discovery.

Sauer went into his tree-filled property with a flashlight, inspired by US officials’ plea for local aid in identifying a missing door plug from a Boeing 737 MAX 9.

This document was critical to the continuing inquiry into the airplane that had to land in an emergency due to depressurization.

A Gleaming Find Among the Trees

Reuters quotes Bob Sauer as saying, “In the flashlight beam, I could see something gleaming white underneath the trees that isn’t normally there.”

He discovered a mid-cabin door plug, which is a panel used to substitute an exit on planes modified to transport more passengers.

Oregon Teacher Finds Pieces of Lost Boeing Plane in Backyard

The panel’s distinguishing elements – the curvature matching the fuselage of an aircraft and a plane-type window – made it undeniably a part of the aircraft.

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The Investigation’s Impact and Next Steps

Sauer’s revelation, a heart-pounding moment when he recognized the gravity of his discovery, has spurred the inquiry forward.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which had identified Cedar Hills as a possible landing site for the debris, has since taken the panel to its Washington laboratory for additional analysis.

This advancement is an essential step in understanding the events that led to the plane’s emergency landing, emphasizing the need for community involvement in such investigations.

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