Oregon Coast County Implements Permanent Fireworks Ban: A For Regional Action

Lincoln County, Oregon, is on the verge of enacting a comprehensive fireworks prohibition. This new policy, which goes beyond the periodic limits imposed during fire season, proposes a year-round ban.

Lincoln County Commissioners spearheaded the initiative, and the city of Newport is currently considering a similar proposal. Commissioner Casey Miller has been meeting with mayors across the county to discuss the implementation of similar bans in their communities.

The Reason For The Ban

The terrible impact of the 2020 Echo Mountain Complex catastrophe is driving the push for these strict restrictions. This cataclysmic event destroyed multiple homes in Otis and caused significant evacuations in Lincoln City.

Oregon Coast County Implements Permanent Fireworks Ban: A For Regional Action

Commissioner Miller stressed the long-term consequences of such disasters and the significance of taking preventative measures to reduce fire risks.

The proposed prohibition intends not only to lower the chance of fires but also to establish a consistent set of standards throughout the county, removing uncertainty and preventing the purchase of pyrotechnics in one jurisdiction for usage in another.

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Community And Retailers’ Responses

The initiative has received mixed reactions. Some members of the community feel that a ban would unfairly penalize law-abiding residents for the misdeeds of a few. Retailers of pyrotechnics have raised their concerns, stressing that the most dangerous explosives are already outlawed in Oregon.

They are concerned that more limitations will have a negative impact on their enterprises and charity activities. However, there is a portion of the community that advocates for stricter controls or a complete ban, citing worries about environmental pollution, injuries, and animal distress.

The amended Lincoln County ordinances will prohibit the sale, use, and possession of fireworks in unincorporated areas, with law enforcement permitted to seize any explosives found.

While Newport’s proposal prohibits sales and usage, it presently does not make possession unlawful. Newport city leaders are anticipated to make a final decision in February.

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