Newark Ranks Among Most Stressed U.S. Cities

A new study by WalletHub examined stress levels across the United States, analyzing 39 significant factors in over 180 communities.

The survey, which included work, financial, family, and health and safety stress, shined light on Newark, New Jersey, revealing it to be one of the nation’s most stressed communities.

Newark’s Stress Rankings

Newark came in third place in the overall stress rankings. The city encountered issues in a variety of categories, including sixth place for work stress, fourth place for financial stress, and third place for family stress.

The research also expressed concern about Newark’s health and safety, ranking it seventh in this area.

Newark Ranks Among Most Stressed U.S. Cities
Newark Ranks Among Most Stressed U.S. Cities

Alarming Statistics for Newark

The investigation discovered troubling data after delving into Newark’s stress factors.

The city has the second-lowest average number of hours of sleep per night, as well as the second-lowest standard credit score.

These factors greatly contribute to Newark’s total stress ranking.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cities

The study expanded its scope to include other New York cities such as Rochester, Buffalo, and New York City.

While Rochester was named the most stressed city in New York and the 30th most stressed city in the US, Buffalo and New York City were ranked 48 and 53, respectively.

Yonkers was named the least stressed city in New York, with an overall ranking of 116.

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Newark’s Struggle in the National Spotlight

The study’s findings highlight the varying degrees of stress experienced by different cities, highlighting the importance of awareness and coping techniques.

Understanding stress issues and finding support becomes critical for Newark residents and those living in similar high-stress urban situations.

As stress is a common feature of modern life, individuals, communities, and governments should use such research to address stress-related issues and strive toward developing healthier, more resilient cities.

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