New York Snowstorm Kills Charlotte Woman

A Charlotte family was devastated by the Christmas weekend snowstorm.

The winter storm killed people all over the country, but in our area, the only weather problems were freezing temperatures and broken pipes.

Snowstorm Fatalities Exceed 50

Weekend storms killed 22-year-old Charlotte resident Anndel Taylor.

“I don’t know if any of us really recognised how bad it was; we didn’t watch the news, and we didn’t really know what was going on in Buffalo,” said Taylor’s sister, Shawnequa Brown.

Taylor drove home from work in Buffalo, New York, amid bad weather, according to her relatives.

Charlotte woman dies after getting stuck in New York snowstorm – WSOC TV

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Taylor told her family she was trapped in blinding snow. She displayed snow-covered car windows.

Brown was Afraid

Taylor dialled 911 and waited for first responders. Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, stated her daughter would sleep through the storm and walk home.

She died in her automobile. Her family believes she was trapped for 18 hours.

“Everyone who attempted to reach her became trapped. Fire, police, everyone got trapped,” claimed Taylor’s sister, Tomeshia Brown.

“Why weren’t their tyres chained?” Snowy state.”

Steele thinks her daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning, not of a cold.

She stated the exhaust pipe was obstructed since the vehicle was running and snow was still falling. She froze once the automobile stopped.

Between Christmas and Taylor’s 23rd birthday, tragedy strikes.

“A lot of crying,” Shawnequa Brown remarked.

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