New York: Democrats Demand The Resignation Of The Party Chief

After losing several races on election night. The New York State Democratic Committee members are pleading with Governor Kathy Hochul to remove Jay Jacobs from his position as state party chair.

Democrats are requesting Hochul appoint new leadership in a letter signed by numerous people. Including current senators and representatives from the state legislature.

The letter stated, “The writing is on the wall and has been for some time: Jay Jacobs not a fit person to serve as Chair of the State Democratic Party. Governor Hochul must collaborate with the party to choose a determined, committed, and unified party leader.

Andrew Cuomo, Hochul’s predecessor who resigned following a scandal last year, appointed Jacobs to the post.

In contrast to a “red wave,” voters in the United States praise by the Democratic State Committee for “flipping several state legislatures and gubernatorial seats to democratic control.”

However, they claimed New York had “failed to devote the time, effort, and assets required to uphold our deep-blue status. Republican control of 4 Congressional seats is a gain, and Governor Hochul won by a narrow margin majority—the smallest in two decades.”

Jacobs remained in the position after Hochul decided to run for office.

Jacobs could not be reached right away for comment.

After Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for Jacobs to resign, Hochul last week defended him.

“We are making no decisions. Jacobs continues to serve as chair, and he did a fantastic job. Hochul said on Thursday, “I’m not changing anything.

Even though she won, the race for governor was the closest in recent memory. Democrats did poorly in some parts of the state.

In addition to losing several Assembly seats in Brooklyn and Queens, Democrats also suffered defeats in several House contests in the Hudson Valley and Long Island.

The Democratic State Committee claims in the statement. They are preparing to cooperate with Hochul. To elect “a natural party leader who embodies democratic values. Our party is committed to creating a party. That guarantees New Yorkers have dedicated, fair, and progressive leaders. At every level of government, as stated on our party website.

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