Biden, Senators Scramble Support for $2T Spending Plan

With just two weeks to the deadline issued by the Internal Revenue Service to the US Senate to approve a $2 trillion spending plan in order to prevent interruption in the issuance of stimulus checks to families, President Joe Biden is ramping up efforts to get support from all  Senate Democrats.

The $2 trillion spending to be paid for by taxing large firms and wealthy Americans, will expand Medicare to cover hearing, cover a one-year extension of the child tax credit, take care of funding for affordable housing, universal pre-K, and childcare subsidies.

Around 35 million families are receiving the federal cash and the last scheduled payment will go out on Dec. 15.

“Let’s pass and enact Build Back Better into law before Christmas so families won’t see their checks come to a halt in the coming months and families— as they’re doing their Christmas shopping — can be assured that new checks will be coming over the next year,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a Thursday floor speech.

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Not all senators are in agreement with the plan. All Senate Democrats will need to vote in support of the plan for it to clear the 50-50 chamber considering the opposition by Republicans to it. Senator Manchin, a Democrat, his opposing the spending plan over concerns that inflation will increase and tax increase may not be able to fully pay for it.

On the other hand, Republicans are against the spending plan on grounds that it could cause a $3 trillion deficit to federal finance.

Although unsure that he could convince Senator Manchin to back the spending plan this year, President Joe Biden is planning talks with the Senator this week.

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