Long-Missing Elgin Woman’s Remains Found – Investigation Continues

Adrianna Diana Laster went missing more than 12 years ago, and her remains were recently discovered in an unexpected turn of events by an excavator working in an Elgin sand mining pit.

The discovery has revived the decades-long mystery of her disappearance.

An excavator digging at a sand mining pit found the remains of woman who went missing more than 12 years ago and is believed to be the victim of a convicted killer:

Connecting the Dots: Freddie Grant’s Connection

Adrianna Laster’s case has been linked to that of convicted killer Freddie Grant. Elgin police, armed with evidence linking Grant to Laster’s murder, were anxious to bring charges, but Laster’s body remained missing.

Grant, 64, is currently awaiting charges and has been sent to Lieber Correctional Institute, a maximum-security jail.

Timeline of Disappearance: Ties to Another Tragedy

Laster, 28, went missing on September 4, 2011, while walking to church on Elgin’s Kelly Street.

Notably, Grant was linked to both Laster and another terrible case, the kidnapping and death of 15-year-old Gabrielle “Gabbiee” Swainson in August of the following year. Grant, who was convicted in Swainson’s case, led officials to her final spot.

Excavator Unearths Clues: Leopard Print and Plaid

On January 12, an excavator at the sand mining site discovered skeletal remains, along with leopard print and plaid apparel.

Anthropologists estimate that the woman had been buried in a five-foot grave for around ten years.

The current sand mining and landfill operation since 2018 complicated the search.

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Challenges in Determining Cause of Death

With just partial remains uncovered, the coroner’s office has difficulty in determining the cause of death.

The ongoing search, which uses conveyor belts and manual labour, tries to recover as much of the bones as possible.

The sheriff’s department and coroner’s office thoroughly search the area for scattered remains from sand mining.

Community’s Reaction

The unexpected discovery of Laster’s body on January 19 sparked emotional reactions in the small community.

Elgin Mayor Melissa Emmons and investigator Aaron Threatts removed the missing person poster from the town hall, symbolising a sense of finality and the terrible reality that someone in their community committed such crimes.

The revelation sends shockwaves across Elgin, where everyone knows everyone, leaving locals to deal with the weight of terrible secrets kept for more than a decade.

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