Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office Welcomes New Electronic Detection Canine

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has introduced its latest member, Grip, an electronic detection canine. Grip is a well-trained yellow Labrador Retriever with expertise in electronics detection.

She’s capable of locating cellphones, computers, and digital devices containing SIM cards or chips. Her skills are expected to be invaluable in aiding law enforcement during investigations, especially those involving crimes against children.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office on Wednesday introduced its newest member, an electronics detection canine who will aid law enforcement during crimes against children investigations:

Grip’s Role in Law Enforcement

Grip has been partnered with Rob Beach, a Lake County State’s Attorney investigator specializing in cybercrime investigations. Together, they will respond to mutual aid requests during investigations concerning crimes against children.

Grip will play a crucial role in assisting various law enforcement agencies when executing search warrants related to cases involving electronic devices.

Her ability to detect electronic devices has impressed those who work with her, making her an essential asset to the team.

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A Generous Donation for a Noble Cause

Grip’s arrival is the result of a generous donation from Defenders for Children, an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse, trafficking, and child pornography.

The canine was gifted to Defenders For Children by Gripple, Inc., a private company actively raising awareness about s*xual abuse and human trafficking.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office to utilize every possible resource in the fight against child pornography and crimes against children.

Grip’s introduction follows the retirement of the office’s previous electronic detection canine, Browser, and is seen as a significant step forward in their mission to combat digital crimes.

The official introduction of Grip through a press conference highlights the importance of investing in tools like her to aid in investigations and ultimately bring criminals to justice.

According to Defenders for Children Founder Toni Clark, canines like Grip are a valuable asset in helping law enforcement agencies locate evidence and rescue children in need.

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