Kim Kardashian admits to failing the baby bar exam for a second time in her show’s finale

As everyone knows, Kim Kardashian is working hard to expand her experience and legal research. However, in the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is also the last episode, Kim revealed that she failed the bar exam again. Kim Kardashian failed the baby lawyer qualification exam again. This is her second attempt, and she has been focusing on learning. 

The 40-year-old TV star and businesswoman Kim failed the exam because she suffers from COVID-19, which was also exposed on the show. Due to Covid complications, Kim was unable to prepare during his illness and took the exam. As shown in the episode, Kim was on a call with two lawyers: Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson. They provided advice for her exam because they watched it. . Check the results on the California Bar website. Seeing the result, Jin yelled: “I failed! Fuck… It’s so annoying. I feel discouraged, completely discouraged. The total score is 463, I almost got it, but it’s almost.”

This is Kim’s second pass. The second failed the baby bar exam, but it didn’t make her feel pressured. In the confession clip, Kim said, “That’s how it is, I know I don’t have to feel pressured about it. There are many other stressful (expletive) things happening, I just need to do better in the future.”

Later, Kim told her sister Khloe the result over the phone. She supported, optimistic, and encouraged Kim, reminding her of how nervous she was during the exam. Khloe told Kim, “You are really infected with COVID. You have passed your 40th birthday. In your relationship, you have to deal with many things yourself…but just isolate yourself. And I really don’t think this last time has already counted.”

Due to Kim’s physical condition during the exam, Khloé reminded her that they thought it would be a miracle if Kim passed the exam; Kim said, “I know, but I still want that miracle. I believe in miracles. But it’s okay. “Now, Kim has decided to take a four-week vacation and devote all her time to studying for her third baby bar exam to be held in June 2021.

Kardashian West is divorcing the rapper Kanye West. The couple seven Married two years ago and had four children. The last episode of the show saw her discuss her marital status, telling her mother Chris that she is now seeking “complete happiness,” and she realized she was not happy. She married after talking to her therapist. 

In April, she joined the elite club of the super-rich as a billionaire. Because of her interest in cosmetics and clothing and TV revenue, endorsement deals, and investments, her net worth Of $1 billion, Forbes Business Magazine told the conference special that the show would be broadcast in the United States later this month. They also signed a global content agreement for the new show with streaming service Hulu.

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