Teen suicide attempts spiked during COVID-19 lockdowns!

Amidst the pandemic and lockdown, there was a surge in teen suicide attempts, according to the reports published by CDC. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that girls aged 12 to 17 were seen in emergency hospitals for suicide attempts between February and March 2021.

There was a nearly 51% increase at the same time in 2019 when all schools and universities were closed. Experts also noted that there was a 4% increased in boys suicide cases aged between 12 and 17 between the same time.

The overall study did not conclude the fact why there was a sudden spike in several suicide cases. Still, it notes that “some researchers have cautioned about a potential increase in suicides during the COVID-19 pandemic on account of increases in suicide risk factors.”

The risk has increased due to a lack of connectivity between parents, peers,teens, family, and friends. And as there are so many rules to follow to remain healthy, like maintaining a safe distance or some extreme measures teens nowadays believe.

“Barriers to health treatment,” “increases in substance abuse,” and anxiety related to “family health and economic problems,” can also be certain risk factors in increasing death rate and suicides among teens.

CDC collected this data from the National Syndromic Surveillance Program’s emergency department from nearly 49 states. Some states also do not have well-developed emergency centers that why there was no data collected from organizations.

The attempted suicide cases are higher among teenage girls than boys during this pandemic period. Many emergency departments claimed that mental health problems and child abuse were also contributing factors.

And the study claims that teenagers were spending more time with parents than parents were alerted about their child’s issue. Many of them came to help from different psychiatrists and emergency departments. The data still is inadequate because many of them were hesitant to approach somebody for help or assistance.

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