Judge Elizabeth Holmes proposes a Texas prison camp and family visits

If Elizabeth Holmes serves her 11 1/4 year jail sentence at a minimum-security women’s facility outside Houston, she will be required to report to work at 6 a.m. daily, be limited to wearing one of three muted colors, and be far older than the average inmate there.

Holmes has been residing in northern California, where she managed her blood-testing firm for almost 15 years before it folded and she was indicted in 2018.

However, according to a court filing, US District Judge Edward Davila offered the federal prison camp in Bryan, Texas.

After hearing Holmes’ case last week in San Jose, California, Judge Davila handed down a sentence that included time with Holmes’ family as part of a rehabilitative plan.

The United States Bureau of Prisons has the final say over where Holmes will serve his sentence. On April 27, Davila issued a warrant for her arrest.

In the opinion of criminal defense attorney Alan Ellis, the facility is competitive with other jails.

He emphasized that this particular women’s prison was independent of any surrounding men’s prison, unlike several other institutions.

Workers don’t have a “prison mentality” and are more “open-minded” as a result, he claimed. Ellis speculated that Holmes’ legal team had explicitly sought the site.

Holmes will face “no walls, no bars, no fences,” Ellis said. “No one wants to get gets kicked out because compared to other places in the prison system, this place is heaven. If you have to go, it’s a good place to go.”

The Bureau of Prisons describes the Bryan facility as “work and program oriented,” with a low staff-to-inmate ratio and dormitory quarters for the inmates.

Around 100 miles to the northwest of Houston is where you’ll find Bryan. Those versed in the law speculated that Holmes would serve her term in prison in Dublin, California, which is located about 35 miles east of San Francisco.

As evidenced by court documents, her parents own a condo in the nation’s capital. It is widely believed that Holmes grew raised in Houston.

She was visibly pregnant and already had a 16-month-old son with her lover Billy Evans when she was sentenced.

Pink Lady, a prison consulting firm, estimates that there are around 900 nonviolent, white-collar female offenders at the Bryan prison camp.

These inmates are serving time for crimes like embezzlement and other frauds. The average age of convicts at Bryan is 32 years old, according to Prison Insight, a website that investigates the “broken” US prison system.

The school provides instruction in areas such as accounting technology, cosmetology, horticulture, medical transcribing and coding, and business management for start-ups.

Source: The Washington Post

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