President Joe Biden enjoyed ‘favorite’ Graeter’s ice cream during granddaughter’s wedding

From an eight-tier lemon cake to a 20-inch apple pie, guests at the wedding reception of Peter Neal and Naomi Biden, granddaughter of the United States’ 46th president, had their pick of sweet treats.

Even Vice President Joe Biden‘s preferred Graeter’s ice cream is off-limits. For her cover story in Vogue, Naomi Biden detailed her wedding and celebration at the White House.

She claimed that her “obsessed with all the minutiae” spouse wasn’t even aware that she wanted her grandfather’s favorite ice cream at the dessert bar.

President Obama would seem to enjoy a nice bowl of Greater’s chocolate chip ice cream as much as the rest of us.

“He used to be a Breyers person all the way, but we’ve gotten him to switch to Graeter’s,” Naomi Biden told Vogue.

Sadly for the Bidens, the Cincinnati ice cream is only sold in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois. However, Graeter offers nationwide shipping!

Vice President Biden is well-known for his love of ice cream and his habit of visiting ice cream businesses all around the country during his trips.

Our newfound knowledge of the president’s preferred beverage demonstrates that he is a man of refined taste.

Source: WCPO

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