Who is Jose Altuve Wife? Meet the Woman That He Loves the Most

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) second baseman, Jose Altuve, is a Venezuelan professional baseball player. Altuve, who was born on May 6, 1990, has established himself as one of the league’s best players.

On the field, he consistently produces strong performances and has extraordinary skills. In 2011, Altuve made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut. He has since gained notoriety for his exceptional hitting average and quickness when moving around the bases.

Numerous honors have been bestowed upon Altuve over his stellar career, most notably the 2017 MVP (most valuable player) award from the American League.

In addition, he has been chosen eight times as an All-Star: in 2012, 2014–2018, 2021, and 2022. In addition, Altuve has secured two World Series titles, triumphing in 2017 and 2022.

Altuve proudly represents Venezuela on the international scene as a native of that nation. He was selected for the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) due to his talent and effort.

Who is José Altuve’s Wife?

Jose Altuve is married to Nina Altuve. Nina Altuve, Jose Altuve’s wife, rose to prominence as the wife of a professional baseball player for the Major League Baseball team, the Houston Astros.

She was born on February 2, 1992, in Marcay, Aragua, Venezuela. Nina is a citizen of Venezuela and was born there. Nina Altuve is the only daughter in her family. Justo Emilio and Alfredo David are her two brothers.

jose altuve wife

Not much is known about her early life, schooling included. She went on to attend the University of Carabobo and earn a bachelor’s degree in bioanalytics.

In addition to being a full-time mother, Nina works as a purchasing specialist. In addition, Jose Altuve’s wife adores travel and frequently shares pictures of herself on trips throughout the globe.

For example, she traveled to Europe with her family in December 2021 and visited Florence, Milan, Madrid, and Paris.

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What is Nina Altuve’s Net Worth?

The celebrity wife from Venezuela, Nina Altuve, becomes well-known due to her relationship with her husband, Jose Altuve. She actively encourages her husband and family to pursue their goals.

However, she does share her husband’s enormous wealth, which is approximately $20 million. Jose also makes $29 million playing with the Houston Astros.

What Does Nina Altuve Do for a Living?

Nina’s contribution to Jose’s career is well known. She happily wears her husband’s team shirts as she often attends his games and cheers him on from the stands.

Her vociferous support for his success is evident and attests to their close relationship. In addition to being a devoted wife and supporter, Nina also pursues charitable endeavors.

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Her steadfast dedication is demonstrated by her participation in numerous humanitarian endeavors, especially those that target underprivileged children in Venezuela, the country of her birth.

She actively supports groups that work in the fields of community development, health, and education. In addition, her educational background qualifies her as a bioanalyst.

She characterizes herself as a full-time mother in addition to her work as a purchasing specialist. Nina Altuve opts to live a quiet and modest life despite the attention she gets from being the spouse of a well-known athlete.

She purposefully stays out of the spotlight in order to focus on her philanthropic work and family.

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How Long Have Jose and Nina Altuve Been Married?

For several years, Jose and Nina Altuve have been in a devoted and loving relationship. The specifics of their initial encounter and the formal beginning of their relationship are kept confidential.

But they were teenagers when they got married in Venezuela in November 2006, and they’ve had a happy marriage ever since. They frequently use social media to publicly express their love and support for one another, which highlights their loving relationship.

Following ten years of marriage, Melanie Andréa, their first child, was born in November 2016, and their second child was born in May 2020.

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