Highland Park Shooting Trial: Accused Shooter Changes Defense Strategy

The accused shooter in the Highland Park Fourth of July Parade incident, 23-year-old Robert Crimo III, altered his legal approach during Friday’s proceedings.

Accused Highland Park shooter no longer representing himself in trial:

Highland Park Shooter Reverses Self-Representation Decision

Crimo III, facing charges for the tragic 2022 Highland Park shooting that claimed seven lives and injured numerous individuals, reversed his decision to represent himself.

He filed a motion expressing his desire to reinstate the public defenders he had previously dismissed.

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Courtroom Reversal and Trial Date Set

During the Friday morning session, Judge Victoria Rossetti engaged Crimo III in conversation, seeking confirmation concerning his representation preferences for the upcoming trial.

Crimo III chose to have his public defenders reinstalled, reversing his prior choice to represent himself.

This court reversal came after Crimo III previously asserted his right to a speedy trial. The judge set the trial date for February 26, which is only six weeks away, indicating a quick legal timeframe for the case.

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