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‘Green Goblin’ In New York City Subway Attack Suspect Is Detained But Released Without Bail


A woman charged with being a member of the so-called “green goblin gang.” She accused of attacking two teenagers on a Manhattan subway train and surrendering on Monday. She is released without bail on Tuesday.

According to the NYPD, Mariam Issouf, 26, arrested on Monday in connection with the Oct 2 assault. On the northbound N platform at the 42 Street-Times Square subway station.

Two 19-year-old female victims told NYPD officers. They were in a verbal altercation with a group of unidentified people. The victims pushed and punched as they attempt to enter a train car. Police claim they lose their personal property.

The suspects, wearing neon-green bodysuits captured on video, fled the scene. In the conclusion police report, both victims suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention.

One of the victim’s mothers said her daughter was celebrating her birthday. While she is attacked and describes the suspects as “complete animals.”

According to the New York Post, “all these men sitting there taking videos and watching. As a result, none of them helped while a group of ten women were beating two young girls.”

Ciante Alston, Mariam Cisse Issouf, Dariana Peguero, all 26, and Emily Soto, 34, identified as suspects by police on Friday. The four suspects live in the Queensboro Houses of the New York City Housing Authority in Long Island City.

According to Issouf’s attorney, John Russo, his client did nothing wrong and accompany some friends. To make a video for social media. He claimed that Issouf only knew and was friendly with one of the girls in the group.

“They all wore green bodysuits to entice anyone making a video,” Russo explained.

He claimed that one or two group members had a “bumping incident” with other people, which resulted in a fight between two people in their twenties and two 19-year-olds.

“My client was not in any fight.” “She is exiting the train and saying she doesn’t want anything to do with the violence inside the train,” Russo said. “She gave up.”

Russo slammed the mother of one of the alleged victims for referring to his client. The other Black women as “savages” and “animals,” calling such comments “dog whistles for racists.”

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