Four Gang Members, In Neon Green Bodysuit, Identifies As Suspects In The Subway Attack By The NYPD

The New York City Police Department named four suspects on Friday. They are thought to have been part of a group that attacked two teenagers wearing neon-green bodysuits on a Manhattan subway train.

The event happened on October 2 at W. 42nd St. and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, at the Times Square metro station. The attack was abrupt and unprovoked, according to the mother of one of the teenagers who was returning home after her daughter’s birthday celebration.

During the course of a news briefing, the NYPD revealed pictures of the suspects. According to Chief of Detectives James Essig, the encounter at the subway station that led to the attack started with an unintentional bump.

The suspects have been named as 26-year-olds Ciante Alston, Mairam Cisse Issouf, Dariana Peguero, and 34-year-old Emily Soto. They were seen on surveillance footage punching and kicking two 19-year-old women early on Sunday in the Times Square subway station.

None of the other suspects have been named. The victims’ handbags and cell phones were stolen.

According to Essig, all four are residents of Queensbridge Houses, a public housing complex. He claimed that each of them had a criminal past.

Authorities claim Pequero had the most arrests among the group, with nine.

One of the women wearing the bodysuit can be seen beating a girl on the left side of the frame in the viral video shared here from FOX News’ Instagram page, while another member of the same gang kicks another girl and throws her against the subway door after wrapping her leg around the victim’s handbag.

The victims claimed that their wallets, credit cards, phone, and other personal belongings were all taken.

One of the mothers told the New York Post that this was how her daughter spent her 19th birthday. It’s disgusting. Therefore, I hope they get more than they deserve.

According to the mother of one victim, what happened on the train was “extremely awful,” and the gang in green ought to be held responsible.

The mother, who desired to remain anonymous, declared: “Animals belong in prison.” “Set a good example for them. Whatever became of the New York City that we all adored? Fix it right away. “

“They were merely waiting to board the train while standing. These miserable grown women descended the stairs while being quite noisy. The mother was described by the New York Post as stating, “One of them bumped [the friend] as they went to get into the train.

The girls even switched the carriage vehicle, according to her, but those women followed them and then opened fire.

“Whatever happened to the New York City that we all cherished? The mother commanded Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York City, and the authorities to “start correcting it right away.”

In another attack video that has appeared on YouTube, it appears that some passengers tried to break up the fight. The women didn’t seem to be able to get on the train because other people were holding them back. 


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