Florida Temporarily Suspends Ban on Home Buying by Chinese and Other Nationals

 A federal appeals court has intervened to stop the enforcement of a controversial Florida law that banned citizens of China from buying property in the state.

The court issued a preliminary injunction against the law after two plaintiffs challenged its legality.

Reasons Behind the Injunction

The US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit made this decision, stating that the two plaintiffs, who included workers with H-1B specialty occupation visas and an Orlando-based real estate firm, had a strong case in arguing that the law, known as SB 264, conflicted with federal statutes.

The enforcement of the law will be halted until the court reaches a final decision on the matter.

A federal appeals court blocked the enforcement of a Florida law banning citizens of China from purchasing property in the state against two plaintiffs:

Immediate Impact on Individuals

The preliminary injunction primarily applies to the two individual plaintiffs, Yifan Shen and Zhiming Xu, as their ongoing property transactions face the most imminent risk of harm if the law is enforced.

However, the request for a preliminary injunction for a broader group was denied.

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Legal Challenge and Response

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) played a key role in challenging the law, arguing that it violated constitutional equal protection and due process guarantees.

Ashley Gorski, a senior staff attorney at the ACLU, emphasized that the court’s decision brings relief to their clients and vowed to continue opposing the law’s enforcement.

This legal development highlights the complex issues surrounding property ownership and the legal protections in place to ensure fairness and equal treatment under the law.

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