Derek Chauvin Was Allegedly Stabbed 22 Times in Prison

Derek Chauvin, a former police officer, was stabbed 22 times in a federal prison. The attacker, John Turscak, used a makeshift knife. Turscak admitted he would have killed Chauvin if officers hadn’t intervened quickly.

Charges Against the Attacker

John Turscak, aged 52, is facing serious charges, including attempted murder, for the attack on Chauvin. The U.S. Attorney’s Office named him as the alleged perpetrator.

A fellow inmate of Derek Chauvin was charged for attempted murder after stabbing Chauvin 22 times:

Chauvin’s Condition

The stabbing took place in the law library of the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona, where Chauvin is serving his 22-year sentence for George Floyd’s murder. Chauvin was hospitalized but is now reported to be in stable condition.

Attacker’s Motive

Turscak claimed the attack was connected to the Black Lives Matter movement and the Mexican Mafia’s symbol, the “Black Hand.” He’s already serving a 30-year sentence related to this gang’s activities.

These news are making headlines:

Legal Situation and Concerns

Chauvin’s attorney expressed disappointment in the prison’s security and handling of the incident. The attorney wasn’t informed promptly about the attack on Chauvin and insists the prison should have prevented it.

Background of the Attacker

Turscak has a history of violence, including a prior homicide and involvement in criminal activities linked to the Mexican Mafia. He also worked as an FBI informant but lost that status due to continued criminal behavior.

Ongoing Investigations and Chauvin’s Future

The FBI is investigating the stabbing, and Chauvin’s legal team aims to relocate him due to safety concerns. It’s uncertain whether Chauvin will be moved or if visitations at the Tucson prison will resume soon.

Broader Context

Chauvin’s attack follows another high-profile inmate, Larry Nassar, being stabbed in a Florida federal prison. The safety of high-profile prisoners in federal facilities has become a growing concern.

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