Colorado Resident Sentenced for Massive Drug Influx Into Utah

After smuggling more than 140 pounds of methamphetamine into Utah in 2022, a Colorado resident was sentenced to more than seven years in jail and four years of supervised release.

Sergio Antonio Silva-Gonzalez, 24, of Denver, Colorado, entered a guilty plea in September 2023 to the charge of possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, according to court records.

Silva-Gonzalez is accused by the prosecution of having acknowledged to possessing around 140 pounds of meth and 500 grams of cocaine, along with a stolen revolver, in connection with a narcotics trafficking offense.

A Colorado resident was sentenced to over seven years in prison and four years of supervised release after trafficking over 140 pounds of methamphetamine into Utah in 2022:

The quantity of drugs involved, according to U.S. Attorney Brady Wilson, who prosecuted the case, was astounding. Chief Judge Robert J. Shelby of the U.S. Federal District Court concurred when presiding over the case.

“It is mind-blowing to think about the downstream effects of this amount of drugs in the community,” said Shelby. “Substantial sentences are necessary for people to understand the risks of trafficking drugs.”

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Community safety is a primary priority, according to Trina A. Higgins, United States Attorney for the District of Utah.

“The amount of narcotics Mr. Silva-Gonzalez attempted to traffic into our state threatens the safety and lives of our citizens,” said Higgins. “Working with law enforcement, we will continue to prosecute these types of cases and seek appropriate federal sentences to protect the community.”

Higgins’ Office claims that the case was a part of a project known as Project Safe Neighborhoods. In an effort to lower gun violence and violent crime, the initiative unites law enforcement at all levels.

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