Chicago: Robbed The Elderly Man In Red Line Train And Activists Plan To Patrol

WLS-TV in Chicago reports Following a violent robbery on a Red Line train. Activists plan to patrol the CTA on Monday morning.

Police in Chicago have released photos of two suspects wanted in connection with the robbery, which occurred near the 95th Street station just before three in the morning.

A passenger was robbed and then hit with a bottle by the suspects.

The activists gathering at 5 a.m. are all crime fighters in their 50s and 60s. They claim to have martial arts training, and some have served in the military.

They’ve been riding the CTA for months to keep people safe.

“We will continue to do this, the untouchables, until this is stopped because people are afraid to go to work,” patrol volunteer Eric Lewis said. “It’s insane out here. Anything could happen while we’re out here.

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